Monday, April 9, 2007

A Whirl of Oblivion

Context: My roommate, Holly, and her boyfriend, Zach, invited my boyfriend, Blake, and me to go to Lake Somerville on Saturday to hang out and have a picnic. She also told me that she wants to take pictures.

We drove out to the lake in my car as we jammed to my boyfriend's brother's (mama's step daddy's cousin twice removed) latest album. There was a huge rain cloud in the direction we were headed. Everyone prayed it would go away, but for different reasons. We got to the lake and the sky cleared up, just like magic. We ate our picnic lunch then we started taking pictures.

Action: We're all walking up the hill that overlooks the lake. Blake and I are going to have our pictures taken first. I'm walking in front of him and Holly and Zach bring up the rear.

(Blake moves the box in his back pocket.)
(Blake and I get in position to take the picture.)

H: Let me know when you guys are ready.
I, to Blake, laughing: I think you have something in your teeth.
B (smiling, makes a beaver face): Where?
I, pointing to his tooth: Right there to the side of your front tooth.
(Blake gets the food out of his teeth.)
(Holly starts taking pictures, unbeknownst to us)
(Zach just stands there looking on to the scene)
I, to B in a motherly tone: Okay, promise me you won't make a face in this picture. I want to actually have some decent pictures of us.
B: Okay, okay, I'll try.
(Holly starts taking pictures.)

B: Hey, why don't you sit down on that rock right there and I'll squat down next to you. I think we'll get a better view of the lake behind us.
I, in an agreeable tone: Okay. That's a good idea.
(I sit down on the rock, unassumingly.)
(B squats down as he gives a thumbs up to Holly to let her know its about to happen.)
(B shifts around to one knee.)
B(to me): Rachel, will you marry me?
I, innocently: Yeah, you know whenever that time comes....
B(goes for his back pocket and pulls out the box, laughing): No, will you marry me?
I, shocked: OH MY GOSH! Yes!
(B opens box with gorgeous ring inside.)
(I take the box from B, but don't put ring on my finger. I hold the open box in my hand as I hug and kiss B.)
(Holly continues to take pictures and Zach just laughs.)
(I start to cry and B laughs.)

I had no idea I would be getting engaged that day as we drove out to the lake so I guess that puts me in the part of the "stupid and oblivious girl." We've been dating forever (4+ years), but I didn't think he would propose until after Spring Break. I was praying we would have a beautiful and fun day at the lake. They were all praying it would be the perfect surprise on a beautiful day.


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Ms. Small said...

What a wonderful story! And you have photos to accompany it! Too cool. Thank you for sharing :)